Hi, I'm Aubrey!

I bought a "real" camera before my daughter was born with the hopes that I'd be able to take some nice pictures of her. I did ok, but never really learned how to use my camera or how to edit the images I'd taken. In early 2021, in a fit of pandemic-inspired boredom and restlessness, I decided to up my game - I upgraded my camera and started taking a few classes. I got really into it and later that year decided to branch out and take pictures for other people. It's been super fun thus far and I love having the chance to hang with friends (and strangers who become friends!) and capture sweet moments for them.

I love in particular getting to take pictures of whoever the main picture-taker is with their kids. In my family, I'm (clearly!) the main picture-taker in my family and I have tons of great shots of my husband with our kids - and precious few of me with them. To balance this out a bit, once or twice a year I sign us up for professional pictures and it's SO worth it. I want to remember this time in our lives and I want to help you remember this time in yours, too.